Teeth Brushing

Bobby – 15 year old – wanted money for gum for his school’s vending machine. I asked him why he wanted gum. “To freshen my breath,” he said.

“But you just brushed your teeth,” I countered.

“Brushing my teeth makes my breath smell horrible.” He said.


Getting Wet

Bobby (15 year old) takes waaaayyyy too long in the shower. (No, not for that reason) He explained it this way. “It takes me longer to get wet than other people.”  Nine minutes apparently.

brushing teeth

This morning my youngest wanted money for the the vending machine at school because he found out it sold gum. I told him no. And then I told him to brush his teeth. He said, “Brushing my teeth makes my breath smell horrible.”

On the way to school he admitted that wasn’t true and that he just wanted to buy gum.

It was a dark and stormy night…

So last night – February 5 -Billy got upset about something (I’m not exactly sure what got him upset) He went outside to cool down – which he often does when he’s upset. He’s usually gone for about an hour or so. Sometimes it’s a walk, sometimes he just hangs out in our yard or in my shop; he also has a tarp that he’s set up in a stand of trees about 400 meters from our house and sometimes he hangs out there. He’ll usually text us and let us know where he is. Although this time he forgot his phone.

He was dressed for the weather – parka, tough ducks, long johns, snowmobile boots, toque and mitts.

When he wasn’t responding to my texts, I realized he had left his phone at home, so I went out to look for him t make sure he was okay. I followed his tracks to the stand of trees and tarp – which he had obviously been to – but then the tracks continued on and with the fresh snow I lost the ‘scent.’

A neighbour and I went out on Snowmobiles to see if we could find him, we figured he’d be in one of the dairy farmer’s barns along the way. There are a few barns he likes to hang out in. He dairy farms – milks cows – on weekends and likes the cows’ company. We also had the farmer who is his boss help us look for him in his usual haunts.

After not finding him I realized I had to call the cops. I gave the RCMP his name, they put me on hold. When they came back they said they had him. They had picked him up at a farmhouse a few miles from our place. He had knocked on the door of the house and asked the residents to call the cops because he was feeling ‘off.’ (I asked him this morning why he didn’t call us and he said he was feeling guilty about how he had behaved and didn’t feel right about us ‘rescuing’ him) The residents called the RCMP and the RCMP brought him to Victoria hospital.  As soon as I found out where he was – and that he was safe – a friend picked me up and we went to pick him up at the hospital.

He was fine when I picked him up – we went to McDonald’s on the way home 🙂 – although he had not seen the doctor yet.

This morning (February 6) he was tired and contrite, but generally in good spirits, and I think/hope he learned a valuable lesson.

SuperBowl Sunday

This post has actually nothing to do with the Super Bowl – we just found out about the following on the day before Super Bowl.

So it turns out Billy – who is 18 and has his drivers license – has been borrowing my car and my money to buy things off Kijiji. A few weeks ago he asked to use my car to go to his friend’s house to go hot tubbing for the evening. The friend lives 3 miles away. He came home within and hour and a half which I thought was odd given how short of a time it was. At the time I thought something was a little ‘henky.’ It didn’t make sense. Turns out he bought some Vans off Kijiji and agreed to meet the seller at the Forks in downtown Winnipeg. (since he got his license he’s never driven in a city) So he drove to the Forks, met the guy and paid him $25 for the shoes. My twenty five dollars.

All this to say we now have imposed restrictions on when he can use the car and I’ve also hidden my money.

Good times!

what it’s like

What’s an average morning like? So Bobby – the 15 year old – gets up late. I tell him he’s going to be late for school. He disagrees. He does his chores and then asks, “Do I have to have breakfast?” Yup. Don’t be so weird. “It’s not weird.” It’s the definition of weird; doing something you’ve never, ever done before.

Then I started to put a permission slip in his backpack. “Stop it. It won’t fit.” An 8 1/2″ X 11″ piece of paper won’t fit into your backpack? I’ll make it fit. “No. You’ll crinkle it.” I’ll fold it. “I’ll fold it. You don’t know how.”

“Cut my nails please.” (yes he’s 15 1/2 and I still cut his nails) He sticks out his fingers. I start to trim his finger nails. “No. Start with my thumb.” Then give me your thumb. “You should have known and pulled it out.